Twinkle Toes Toenail Fungus Remedy

My name is Douglas Raglin. I spent several wonderful years living in Costa Rica. When I returned to   the United States, I found that I had toenail fungus. Down to the drugstore I went, ignorantly thinking  that it would be easy to eradicate. This was not the case and led me into more research. After many products and expense I decided to start experimenting with a natural cure. Experimenting with various natural fungicides inherent in plant species, I have found a safe, easy, all natural remedy for toenail fungus. If you suffer from this common malady, I invite you to try Twinkle Toes®.

I am now offering my own special blend of essential oils to those who also suffer from toenail fungus. Each bottle has a brush for applying, this allows best application of oils and eliminates waste and spills I experienced with other brands. I have researched the best sources for quality essential oils, buying in bulk has allowed me to offer this at a better price than if you were to go put together your own blend,  saving up to 60%.

Each bottle holds about a 3 month supply, this could be enough! However you might want to continue with treatment until the clean new toenail is completely regrown. You can benefit from the years of experience I have endured and still I am only charging $21.95 per bottle, far cheaper than most other remedies. If you would like to order a full 6 months supply, I will discount the second bottle to $16.95, so the total for 6 months would be $38.90. The bottles size is 1/2 ounce which is comparable or larger than other remedies.

1 bottle Twinkle Toes $21.95 USD
2 bottles Twinkle Toes $38.90 USD

How I cured my toenail fungus

It has been a 3 year ordeal to rid myself of Toenail Fungus. When
my toenails distorted and began painfully cutting into my toes I knew I had to do something. I began with athlete’s foot cream over the counter, then I tried tea tree oil.

This began my journey of discovery, toenail fungus is just not easy to eradicate. Although the Tea Tree inhibited the painful spread, it did not solve the problem. I went on to try several other toe nail treatments found in health food stores (many up to $40 an ounce). They did not permanently solve the problem. I then contacted a good friend who is an expert with essential oils, “Green Skin Is In” working in the anti-aging and beauty field, her formulation helped keep it from spreading but once again did not end it completely.
I did not attempt the traditional medical route which involves a prescription drug that requires liver blood tests throughout treatment, as it is taxing on the system. I also did not try the laser treatment which can cost up to $1000 per toe with only a 50% effective rate. So I continued with several formulations of essential oils applying it morning and evening before I put socks on and right before bed. Eventually I found what I was looking for,  the addition of one powerful oil began to completely halt the continued existence of the fungus. While continuing to apply this day and night as my toenails grew out, I have finally found a solution. I then began a search for the supply of essential oils and a bottle brush applicator. I began to understand why some of the over the counter remedies were so costly. My goal to offer this toenail fungus solution for the same price that you would pay even if you bought the individual ingredients yourself.
My toenails were infected to a much greater degree,  after I realized the results I had been getting with my essential oil formula, I began documenting the results, below are pictures from the last 6 months.

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